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Cosplayer Profile: MaeMae Twin

Notes from Sooyong: Despite having cosplayed for a few years, I didn't really have any cosplayer friends and becoming long-term acquaintances with cosplayers was difficult until I met MaeMae during Otakon 2011, due to our common love for Dynasty Warriors. While our cosplays don't overlap very often, meeting her was one of my most memorable experiences when it came to expanding my social circle as a cosplayer.

Mitsuki Konishi from "The World Ends with You" (Photographer: Houkakyou Cosplay & Photography)

Name: Mae Mae Twin
Nationality: Chinese American
Gender: Female
Top 3 Favorite Series: Why three? So hard! Hahaha. If I were to choose--Trinity Blood, Dynasty Warriors, and Kingdom Hearts.
Special Talent: Illustration (digital and traditional pencil) and cooking

When and how did you get into cosplay?

Summer 2008--without realizing it was cosplay? I was playing one of my favorite series- Dynasty Warriors (6 to be exact) and played as Yue Ying, who was a character I loved. One day I decided I wanted to try to replicate her design into a real outfit. I went to the fabric store for the necessary materials, looked online for a wig, and even went to my first con- Otakon! This was all before I had known this was cosplay (I learned about it at the con and did later research). Since then, I’ve been cosplaying ever since!

Guan Yinping from "Dynasty Warriors 8" (Photographer: Plumvs project progress)

Is there a recurring theme for your costume choices? If so, what is that theme?

The theme changes so often, but one theme that I’m known for is choosing designs with the colors green, white, and gold without realizing it. And those aren’t my favorite colors. It’s blue.

Character-wise for the women/girls- I choose from the cute to the mature. It really all depends on the design grabbing my attentions. For men/boys- I only choose shouta characters because I know I can only pull of those types of characters based on my body type.

Leafa from "Sword Art Online" (Photographer: William Joseph Photography)

What difference has cosplay made in your life?

Cosplaying has been a positive influence on my life in a lot of aspects. It has let me become more outgoing and social while being able to learn how to be more observant of my surroundings and people while at conventions and events. I have also been able to meet amazing people that I can call my friends in real life. (Love you guys!) Cosplay also continues to let me learn new skills in design and illustration (a heavy influence), sewing skills, and how to gauge things like budget, mock-ups, etc. I’m going on to nine years and not sure how long I will keep doing this but I love it.

Are you open to your peers and family about being a cosplayer?

Yes and no. I base it on how I know the person and the “relationship” we have. Some of my friends and family are supportive while some think it’s a waste of time and money and/or it’s just plain weird. Those who support it enjoy the processes I go through for the cosplay making and the transformations. I even get to cosplay once in a while with my twin sister!

Dori and Gura from "Utawarerumono" (Photographer: Lazy Cat Cosplay & Photogrpahy)

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

There are many things I would like to add but I will list what I think would be major points:
  • Cosplay is for anyone- no matter what age/gender/size/nationality. Do cosplay for yourself and not for others (and for fun!) 
  • This is an expensive and time consuming hobby- plan accordingly and don’t be afraid to go budget. If you can’t afford the expense- save up. 
  • Real life anything takes TOP PRIORITY over this hobby. If you need to put it on hold- do so. Cons will be around and so will cosplay. Your peers will understand. 

MaeMae has so many more amazing cosplay and work-in-progress photos that you should check out!! You can find her on the following:

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