Thursday, March 9, 2017

Cosplayer Profile Project

Sometime this year, I want to start featuring short cosplayer profiles/interviews on my blog. One of my passions is learning about cosplayers beyond their costumes and photos; their thought processes and their motivation to cosplay as well what they like to do outside of cosplay. I also seek to promote intercultural exchange and understanding through cosplay between Japan, the USA, and other countries. Whatever differences we may have, one thing that remains the same is that we are all fans of something, and cosplay helps us to express that love.

I know that not every cosplayer wants too much information about them to be known, and some people really don't think that their personal identity is relevant in cosplay. But for others, certain details are a very significant part of one's own projected identity and it DOES play a part in the costumes they choose, so the option to disclose the information is there. I'm also not looking for EVERY profile to be incredibly serious and deep; light-hearted and humorous profiles can be just as inspiring!

To see the the outline I've written up, see the Google Document that I've uploaded here. You can also see a sample profile that I've written for myself here.

My current goal is to have one cosplayer featured per month. I'd like to translate profiles written in English to Japanese, and vice versa, and if possible have someone provide other languages. While all cosplayers are welcome, I especially want to highlight cosplayers of darker complexions, plus-sized cosplayers, cosplayers of multiethnic backgrounds, transgender cosplayers, crossplayers, those with disabilities, cosplayers over 35, and any other demographic that isn't often highlighted. And of course any nationality is welcome. This project is very much in its baby steps, so there may some changes made! Keep a lookout for updates!

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