Thursday, July 7, 2016

It's mind boggling to me.

You have guns.

You have training.

You have bulletproof vests.

And batons.

And tasers.

And pepper spray.

You can call for backup.

And yet, you are threatened by a black man who is already pinned down by you and another officer.

And you aim your gun at a black man sitting in a car, with his girlfriend next to him and a child in the backseat.

Not only do you shoot, you shoot repeatedly.

He's bleeding.

He's dying.

But your gun stays pointed at him.

Who are you protecting really?

Are you really protecting the public?

Because Alton Sterling and Philando Castle WAS the public.

And now they're dead.

You can't say this isn't a race issue. Maybe you can say it's not JUST a race issue, in which case you'd be right. It's also an issue of injustice, of a corrupt system of law enforcement.

But when the NRA chooses to stay silent on the death of a black man with a permit to carry a gun...

...when racists make up lies and investigate the backgrounds of these men to try and justify their deaths...

...when a white boy is fed Burger King after shooting up a black church while a black woman is prohibited from food and a phone call after her boyfriend has been shot while complying with police... is most definitely a race issue.

"He shouldn't have reached for his wallet..."

"He shouldn't have resisted arrest..."

"He should've complied with police..."

"He had a criminal background..."

"Black people shoot other black people every day..."

"Not all officers are bad..."

"All lives matter..."

I will not accept your baseless and untimely justifications.

And to those who stay silent on these tragedies, we know who you are. You cannot hide.

You can go ahead and stay silent, but I will not.