Friday, April 20, 2012

"Sensei, why are you single?"

Coming out of the restroom, I was greeted by some 3rd graders doing homework in the library area.

"Sensei, where's your house?"
In Japan.
"Eh?! Not America?"
No! It would take more than half a day to get here!
" where do you live? Osaka?"
Here in Ono!
"Ahhhh...aren't you married to XX-sensei?" (their previous teacher)
No, we're just friends!
"Sensei, how old are your parents?"
Let's dad will be ___ this year, and my mom is ___.
"Ehhhhh...How do you know their ages?"
Eh?! Because it's important!
"Really?? Why is it important?"
Because I love my parents!!!!!!

"Sensei, how old are you?"
I'm 23.
"Are you married?"
"Eh? Are you dating someone?"
"Eh?! You're single?"
"Why are you single?"
HAHAHA! "Why?" Because single life is fun!
"Eh? Really? It's not scary?"
*laughs* No, of course not!
"So Sensei, when you're by yourself at home and you're talking to yourself, do you talk in English or Japanese?"
*hysterical laughter* Actually, when I hurt myself, instead of "ouch" I say "イタッ" And when something is hot I say "アツッ."
"Eh?!?! Wow!"

"Sensei, what type of guy do you like? Like someone from this school."
Eh? I don't like any male teachers here.
"No? Okay, what kind of guy do you like?"
Hm…someone who's smart, fun, and handsome**.
"Handsome? *points at me* Handsome!"
No, I'm beautiful!
Eh?!?! *clutches chest* いたい…いたいよ…
I'm a beautiful person, aren't I?
"You can't say that about yourself!"
*falls over laughing*

Kids are hilarious.

*"イタッ" (ita--) and "アツッ" (atsu--) are shortened forms of "いたい" (itai) and"あつい" (atsui).
**The word I used for "handsome" was 男前 (otokomae), which means "handsome man."

Thursday, April 19, 2012

38 Children in One Class.

This year at one of my schools, they decided to combine last year's two 3rd grade classes into one 4th grade class. There are a total of 38 children. Their teacher was a 5th grade teacher last year, and while he's a good teacher, I could tell he was already a bit troubled by being given such a big task.

Normally I have a brief meeting with the teachers before the day of class to discuss what we'd be doing. But yesterday I was approached not by the 4th grade teacher, but by the support teacher, who was a 1st grade teacher last year.

Support teacher: Chase-sensei, could you please tell me what you have planned for the 4th graders tomorrow?

Me: (a little confused that I'm not talking to the 4th grade teacher) Sure.

4th grade teacher: Ah, sensei. Um...because...there's...38 kids...I, uh...*points to support teacher* have...backup...*slowly backs away* sorry. ^_^;

Me: Ah, I understand. (poor guy...)

He seemed almost embarrassed to need help, but with 37 kids plus one with extreme behavior problems, it would be hard for anyone. I don't understand why they thought this would've been a good idea. But I have class with them today, and it appears there will be a total of 3 teachers including myself, so we might be fine.