Saturday, July 31, 2010

Back to the Future...

In just a few hours, I will be on my way back to Japan. (I say "Future" because I'm crossing time zones to a country that's 13 hours ahead.)

My room is definitely not 100% clean, especially compared to how it was the last time I left. There are a few reasons for that. One, because my brother's wedding was the week before, and things were really hectic. Two, I didn't want to start packing and cleaning too early because it would have been annoying taking things out of my suitcase that I want to use or wear and then putting them back. And finally, it's because I still haven't accepted that I'm leaving. In my heart I don't want to leave. I know there are great things to look forward to, but I feel like I haven't spent enough time with my family and friends. Leaving them the first time made me realize just how much I really missed them. And now, just when I've gotten used to being back in the U.S. and just when I started having fun with everyone, I have to leave again.

There will certainly be plenty of things to keep me busy. I pray that this experience will be just as good as or even greater than my last experience living daily life as a gaijin.

Here is a video I made last night. I hope to do these videos regularly throughout my experience in Japan.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Finally Started Packing.

Yesterday my mom and I finally found suitcases. I didn't expect to get hardshell suitcases, but after comparing them with the semi-soft suitcases at T.J. Maxx, they were actually a lot lighter. There's so much space that I'm actually looking for things to put in the first suitcase and I don't even need Space Bags for the clothes that are in there. Right now it's about 75% filled. I'm not trying to overstuff them or anything, and I'm making sure I stay under the 50 lbs. weight limit. I'm going to see if I can use the Wii Fit Balance Board to weigh my luggage...I wonder if that will work.

I was also looking for a color that would stand out, so I wouldn't have to sit there looking for a scrap of fabric tied to my black suitcase. I ended up getting a gorgeous purple color.

Fortunately, They carried two of the same sizes. Whenever I found a suitcase I liked, I ended up only finding one in the store. They both look like this:

They're made by the company Heys, and they seem to have a lot of good reviews for their other products on Amazon. I expect these to withstand many trips through baggage check. Thanks Mom and Dad :)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Posting One Blog Post to Multiple Blogs

I don't know why I didn't try to figure this out before. I figured that I could only have my blog at one location or the other, because it would be too much work to post at two blogs manually.

I've downloaded a Firefox Add-on called ScribeFire, which will probably help me. Because my Blogger has been around longer, it gets more visitors (and possibly because it's affiliated with Google, hmmm?). But I hated the commenting system because a simple function wasn't available: Trying to reply to comments. I would constantly wonder if the few visitors I got ever saw my responses to their comments. Well for the old posts that won't change, but for future posts (like this one) I've set up IntenseDebate to revamp the commenting system.

This post here is a test to see how this works. I should be able to type up a blog, tell it to post to Blogger, and then switch the option to WordPress without having to retype anything.

Since ScribeFire is a Firefox Add-on, in case I'm at a computer other than my own I should be able to use Blog It, which is a Facebook App. I would have tried that first but I don't like the idea of having to use a Facebook app to do my blogging.

If this proves to be efficient, then Blogger will be back open for business :)