Monday, September 28, 2009

Happy Monday...ehh.

Instead of slacking off, spending my entire weekend gorogoro-ing (that's 'loafing around') and playing Warriors Orochi 2 on the XBox360 with my brother until it was time to do my homework at the last minute, I decided to get some work done with the minimum amount of play. (I had to play WO2 for two hours on Sunday, otherwise I would've died of boredom while holed up in my room reading Japanese articles.)

I feel good about myself not procrastinating for once. But on the flipside, I feel tired and stressed and a little sad, though probably not as tired and stressed than if I did all my work at the last minute. I hate the idea of having so much work to do. Homework does not necessarily mean learning.

But it's not even the fact that I don't enjoy my assignments. I'd enjoy them a lot if I didn't have so much of it, and if I still had enough leisure time. Weekends are not an excuse for teachers to overload their students with work.

I suppose I should enjoy it as much as I can, because I'm guessing next semester will be even more boring.

I should finish reading this article for my Newspaper Japanese class. I've only read half but I already know I'm more prepared than at least half of the class.

Friday, September 18, 2009

The Prez came to my school yesterday.

Healthcare Reform stuff. I didn't go. "Aww why not?"

Because 1) My professor didn't tell the class until 6 yesterday morning that class was cancelled, 2) I had work to catch up on, and 3) because that was my only class of the day, it enabled me to stay home. And so I did, because I REALLY needed the rest. I wish I could have Thursdays off every week.

Nothing special has been going on lately. My classes are okay, but I'm a little bitter about the fact that I have each class every other day, and that my homework load takes up all of my time, leaving no room for anything else but the minimum amount of sleep. I'm back to feeling tired all the time.

Anyway, I hope to have some more advice posts written soon, I still don't seem to have a lot of readers besides the ones who read via Facebook. If anyone has any questions about my visit I'd be happy to answer. My Japanese pragmatics class is full of opportunities to talk about my experiences, and every day I realize that my host club experiences have been extremely useful. No joke. I never thought I could learn so much in such an environment.

EDIT: My friend Talia is continuing the UM-Japan Exchange legacy at Aoyama Gakuin University, and she's documenting her study abroad for the 2009-2010 school year. Be sure to check out her blog:

Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Labor Day

I'll be celebrating my Labor Day by doing all the homework I put off until today.

I got through my first week of school without committing some type of Japanese suicide (i.e. jumping in front of a train). I'm not really excited for this semester. I think I might have senioritis already. I'm in that "I hate school, I'm so sick of it" phase. Perhaps it's because I only JUST finished my last semester in July, instead of May like I usually do.

Once upon a time I had a website going, but I got rid of it. It had all of my old artwork and stuff, but these days it's not really worth keeping up. I have a site for everything important to me: deviantART for artwork; for music; Facebook for friends; and of course, this blog for blogging.

My dad has been nagging me about this unpaid internship at JICC...The application deadline is December 1st but he's bugging me now, of course. I've been in a crabby mood lately, and I don't see it getting much better since I'm back to my "Here's all this work to do, it's due in two days" schedule. I liked Japanese class scheduling, where I only had each class once a week. It was a lot less stressful.